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An Open Letter of Gratitude from Eliza Jane to San Diego

Every artist dreams of that magical place close enough to the big city to pursue their career, but far enough away from the rat race to keep their muse alive. In my case, I dreamed of a haven close enough to Los Angeles to keep my foot Hollywood's door without the it's soul-crunching smog suffocating my inner child. I'm happy to say that San Diego has kept that child alive and well and running my life for almost three years now. Chasing butterflies, watching fireworks, and finally feeling at home as an artist.

I spent nearly two decades workshopping and shifting my solo play, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, into over a hundred and fifty incarnations. In two weeks, you shaved and sculpted it into a compelling story with a cohesive dramatic arc that I can proudly say is finished. You told me motherhood can offer us perspective and the mojo to breakthrough as artists to the next level, but I credit your directorial expertise with turning my years on the road and the voices in my head into a bona fide play, and cracking a code that has confounded me for years. Thank you.

ELAINE GINGERY, you gave time you didn't have not only to encourage me and get me in touch with the right people to get the show produced, but to whip it into dramaturgical shape that it's always needed. You offered up your architecturally astounding home for staged readings, and your surgical dramaturgical advice with just enough humor to distract my ego into letting you make the changes it the script needed to make the work soar. Thank you.

JENNIFER BRAUN GITTINGS, we meet again, 20 years later, now as moms, and like Elaine and Delicia, I can compare your tireless creativity in counseling me through rewrites, and your perfect set and costume design to that of a mother, the best mom ever, picking up all the slack of her clumsy toddler as she stumbles through her stage debut as tree #2. The use of a pile of tires as a set piece and receptacle for discarded costumes, leaving a clean stage, the simple, double-use costume pieces, and your invaluable advice were brilliant. Thank you.

SUSAN CHICOINE is quite possibly the hardest working woman in show business, not just San Diego. Thank you for getting butts in seats, picking me up for morning talk shows at 6AM, rocking out with the Tighten Ups, and being my friend through this process.

I am so grateful for all of the talented theater professionals I got to work with this summer, including but not limited to SHERRICE KELLY, for her gorgeous lighting and projection design, and for perfectly implementing the slides I've been carting around through 28 moves in 13 years; to RYAN HEATH, the world's best stage manager, for his sweet demeanor, his inability to say the "n" word, his strict attention to detail, and his seamless board operation skills; to KEVIN ANTHENILL for his excellent sound design, and for taking my sound cues to the next level and collaging my interviews with period music; to NANCY L. RICHARDS for her vision and advice and bringing me home to NY within SD, to JEN THORN for compositing the lovely posters and flyers, and watching my son during tech; to MISSY BRADSTREET for hooking up the last-minute childcare love during tech week; to ASH & ARROW photography for the kick-ass ambulance shots, and to the wickedly talented DAREN SCOTT for the BEST PRODUCTIONS SHOTS EVER! And of course, to PAT LAUNER, CHARLENE BALDRIDGE, GRANT BARRETT, ALISON ST. JOHN, and all the other media folks who made me feel like I truly have it all. I am so grateful, I could build you all a house. With a fountain. And a pony. Thank you.

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