Eliza Jane Schneider coaches celebrities and developing talent, and recently worked as a voicematch expert with Oliver Stone on SAVAGES, and as a dialect coach with Todd Phillips on HANGOVER 3. Ms. Schneider and has taught Dialects and Accent Reduction at Brown University, Trinity Rep, UCLA Extension, The O'Neill Theater Center, Word Bridge Playwright's Workshop, The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Conservatory at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Hollywood. She has performed, researched, and taught dialects all over England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, both Islands of New Zealand, all 50 United States, South Africa, the West Indies, Russia, Israel, France, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea. She worked side by side with fellow dialectologist Robert Easton for ten years, during which time he guided Helen Hunt, Robin Williams, and Forest Whitaker into Oscar-winning dialect performances. Eliza Jane Schneider has recorded over 7000 interviews with native speakers of variant forms of English throughout the world.

Fascinated by sound all her life, Eliza Jane studying the Suzuki ear-training method at the Eastman School of Music at age 7, where she also studied classical voice. By age twelve, she had gotten her first Equity job playing an English role in A Christmas Carol and an American Southern role in Inherit the Wind at Rochester NY's GeVa Theater. Schneider studied theater at Northwestern University and UCLA, where she graduated with a BFA from the World Arts and Cultures Department in Theater. She wrote her senior thesis on American regional dialects, and then participated in the Dialect 2000 conference at Queens University Belfast. Some of her recordings were used in the creation of the book resulting from that conference, Language Links: The Languages of Scotland and Ireland. She was then an invited guest at the joint meeting of the Northern English Dialect Societies in Yorkshire.

As a coach, Ms. Schneider has also helped Disney Imagineering re-create the voice of Andrew Jackson and a young Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia for their theme parks. As a performer, she re-created the voices of Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean game franchise, and the voices of Arwen (including speaking Elvish), and Eowyn in the Lego Lord of the Rings games.

"The Woman of a Thousand Voices", Eliza Jane Schneider is an actor, playwright, songstress, and fiddler in addition to being a dialect expert. She is most widely known for voicing most of the female characters on Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK, including Wendy, Shelly, Principal Victoria, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Cartman, Mrs. McCormick, Ms. Crabtree, the Mayor, and hundreds of additional voices. Her one-woman, 34-character show, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, directed by Sal Romeo, won the "Best Solo Show" award at the New York International Fringe Festival, then ran Off-Broadway at P.S. 122, and was ultimately moved to Joe's Pub at The Public Theater. MOXIE Theatre in San Diego produced a run of the show in 2013 to standing ovations and rave reviews, directed by Delicia Turner-Sonnenberg. She She is also known in over 60 countries as series regular "Liza," on CBS' BEAKMAN'S WORLD. Her gaming fans know her as Rebecca Crane in the ASSASSIN'S CREED game franchise, and she has voiced dozens of other characters and creatures for the gaming world, from Scottish trolls to Jamaican dragons. Profiled on the International BRAVO! Network's Arts & Minds program for her research. For MTV, she voiced animated versions of Oprah Winfrey, Tori Spelling, Beyonce, Giselle Bundchen, Michelle Obama, a Cyborg Brittany Spears, and a Ugandan adoption agent who wouldn't give Angelina Jolie a baby (among others), on Dave Thomas's POPZILLA!. On camera, Eliza Jane guest starred on UPN's GIRLFRIENDS as a white girl surprisingly fluent in "Ebonics".